Values and Meaning  

I have been thinking and thinking, with my experience and skills, how can I best can I serve the people that I want to serve? 

For close to 20 years, I worked at the Department of Justice Canada.  Sometimes I felt like I was on the right side, when it came to serving Indigenous Peoples.  More often than not, I felt like I was on the wrong side. Still, I tried my best to make things better for Indigenous peoples whose lives may have been impacted by the work that I did, and for Indigenous employees working at the Department of Justice.  

A few years back, I tasted what it felt like to help Indigenous Peoples in a meaningful way when I went on an interchange with the Métis National Council.  It felt great to work for the Métis Nation.  My grandparents would have been so proud of me.

Now, I am unrestricted. I can work for people, governments and organizations whose values align with mine. What a great place to be. 

Off to a Good Start 


What a pleasure it is to write to you.  This is my first blog post for Dawn Pritchard Law & Consulting.  

As background, I "retired" from the Department of Justice Canada after 19 years on December 28, 2022.  For years, I wanted to start up my own law and consulting firm. I wanted to be able to help Indigenous Peoples in a meaningful way. I wanted to be able to speak out about issues that were important to me.  Now this is becoming a reality.

For the last month, I have been taking care of administrative tasks, such as changing my status with the Law Society of Ontario, setting up this website, deciding which organizations to join, reading, learning and so on.  I have reached out to people seeking advice and guidance and they have been kind and helpful to me. Howie, Risa, Angela, Will, Dale, Patrick, Juliana, Lisa, Melanie, Amee and Steven I thank you. 

Happy New Year to you, and and here's to being off to a good start!